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Greetings and welcome, welcome, welcome to my website!

This website is meant to be my main online presence. There are so many good things about FaceBook, LinkedIn, and other social sites, but those just do not fit well with my socializing approaches. Besides, I would do a pretty terrible job of keeping them up to date. Maybe I'm just getting old, but I prefer to talk with people in person so I can get more than just information from the interaction. And since for me, computers have and mostly still are a tool used for work and information, they do not put me into a social mood. Feel free to email me to catch up on what's going on at your end or mine, but I don't know how to build a relationship that way. Sorry about that. Maybe we can get together sometime instead.


In order to prevent web crawlers from harvesting my email address, I'll describe it: just use my first or middle name at

Website Statistics

This site is hosted by Google, which provides site analysis tools. Somehow this site draws about 250 visits a month. If you are interested in such things, I made a page that shows what search words are being used to find this site, the countries and languages of the visitors, the repeat visits, and how long people visit. The page is named nusculus.come statistics.

Kevin Matthew Nuss (left) and Todd Haynes (right) with a SODAR

The research part of this website starts with the page: Main Research Page. It is mostly about things I have done or programs I have written that may be interesting to other researchers. I have not made any great discoveries, but I am a creative problem solver and use my accumulated computer skills to do useful things. Most of the research has focused on a weather prediction program named WRF, pronounced "worf." There is also some information about research that is more hydrology related. It is not meant to be a resume or curriculum vitae, but those could be provided. If you are looking for my WTOOLS program, go here: WTOOLS.

Kevin Matthew Nuss Floats the Boise River

The personal part is just to let acquaintances know a little about me that is not related to work. Most folks are probably not interested, but since I tend to focus on work while at work, this provides a little more background and perhaps makes me seem more interesting. To get to the personal area of this website, use one of the links down below or start here: Main Personal Page.