Main Personal Page


This page is mostly just a filler page for the personal area of my website. I am not terribly interested in expressing myself as a writer, so this personal area is a bit foreign to me. I much prefer to talk to people in person. Maybe it's just the lack of body language, which supposedly is a large percentage of communication, but I don't even like phone calls very much. I would rather walk a mile for a conversation than have it over the phone. And for me, email seems more like a tool used for work related activities. It feels more functional than personal. To some extent, phone conversations feel the same way. All of that is a way to say that information in this personal section will be slow in being created. It's just not that interesting to do.

So where did I come up with the name nusculus? It was a nickname from my undergraduate studies of Wildlife Management. For a mammalogy course, we had to memorize the scientific names of the all the mammals in Alaska, even common, non-native species. When we got to the common house mouse, which is mus musculus, I instantly became Nus Nusculus. In the internet world it is difficult to find unique, unused names so I resurrected the nusculus nickname. I like it. I don't consider myself to be timid like a mouse, but my natural tendencies are to be quiet. Also, nusculus just sounds a bit scientific, which I am.

I have started a page about me floating down the Boise river. If you care to read about that, you can go to this page: I Likes Da River

There is page about a Halloween mask I have and a little about celebrating Halloween where I used to live in Dallas, TX: Pepe and Halloween.

And here is a page I created for some miscellaneous pictures and information: Miscellaneous.

On the page Some Alaska Stories, I have made a start in writing some of my stories from Alaska. I will slowly add more as I get to them.

It won't be what you think, but I have a long, rambling story I call A Night in the Psych Ward.

Since I've gone to several of the Spirit of Boise Balloon Festivals, I adding a page with some pictures: Balloon Festival.

It started as an inside joke/personal amusement, but I took a bunch of pictures of a lamb doll doing things. Some of them are on The Little Lamb Collection page.