The Little Lamb Collection

A girlfriend living in Florida gave me a little lamb doll. Not sure why. It had been her daughter's. Actually, each of her two daughters had one, but one (doll, not daughter) did not survive childhood well, especially a swim in the washer. Eventually, I got that one too. I think they were meant to keep me company. For fun, I took some pictures of "Little Lamb" doing a few activities. It went over pretty well, so I continued. The daughters were included and also seemed to enjoy it. As of Autumn 2012, one daughter recently finished dental school and is practicing. The other is mostly done with dental school. Impressive! Eventually, I recycled some of the pictures, meaning that I shared some with my sister, a cousin Brenda, and two near relatives, Tina and Shelly. I doubt the daughters would mind the pictures going outside their family because one wrote: "I actually have them all saved in a special folder, because I like showing my friends. I love little lamb and it was my favorite stuffed animal when I was little. I can't wait for the next picture and stories, they are the best. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!!!" There were other stuffed animals, especially a small lion, that played lesser roles and appear in some pictures. Sometimes commentary got added with the recycling, so there may be minor changes from the original emails. I'm not pretending that these are laughing out loud humor, but maybe you'll enjoy them enough to look through them.

Little Lamb and Her Friends

Here are just a few pictures of some of the other stuffed animals that were included in the transfer of dolls.
A few of the friendlies. The girlfriend grew up in Peru, thus the llama. This was a birthday cheesecake, perhaps 2005. A dress and underpants were provided for Little Lamb a few years later.The furry ones liked to play computer games while I'm at work. Obviously this is before the flat screen. The lion gets his own section down below.Sometimes Little Lamb gets sleepy after a tough day of computer games. The stocking hat is from Machu Picchu. The mousepad is meant to look like a persian rug. The cloth on the desk is 'cuz I like fabrics, plus it dampens keyboard sounds late at night. Sometimes Little Lamb helped me study for computer classes.

A Brief Attempt at Being a Fine Wood Craftslamb

Precision sawing with a compound miter saw.Sometimes a power jigsaw is needed.Some power drilling.Using a file/rasp to ease the corners. I'm still at that theory of computation book, with some picture frames on which I was working.Some unsupervised carving, which leads to ...

a sad and bandaged Little Lamb.
 But all better now!

Arctic Excursion

Here is a short email series created in December 2009. Just a little fun.
Geological DiscoveryWildlife AdventureAnthropological DiscoveryUnbearable Conditions

  Little Lamb decided that she wanted to stop avoiding the cold and become an arctic explorer. She wanted to see the great arctic continent for herself and observe penguins eye to eye (I think she means Antarctica).

So she bundled up and headed out into the cold.

It was amazing! After only 15 minutes she found a rare, undiscovered geologic feature where water flows out of a vertical rock. And luckily, it was near a warm, rather nice restaurant.

You'll be even more thrilled by both of her wildlife adventures in part 2.

Kevin, the sherpa/historian
As part of her arctic explorations, Little Lamb wanted to study the wildlife.

First she used her hunting skills, which are instincts in all lambs, to follow tracks in the snow. By doing so, she was able to locate a large herd of geese (first picture). She was just about to run after them and catch one, but I asked her not to leave me alone in such a wild and dangerous park.

Second, she decided to sneak up on some larger animals (second picture). She used great stealth to approach them. When she was very close, and despite her bundle of clothes, she quickly jumped out into the open for the picture. The wild moose, which were the largest ever recorded, were so frightened, they could not move.

Then onward we traveled to make an anthropological discovery which will be documented in our next volume of history.

Kevin of the North
On the third part of her arctic adventure, Little Lamb found a previously undiscovered caveman shelter. She was able to determine that it came from the ancient days when lambs first taught early peoples how to hunt for dinosaurs. Unfortunately, there was too much snow to actually see the cooked dinosaur bones that would still be lying around. For a moment, she thought she heard the roar of a dinosaur that managed to survive through the many years (at least 100) in that remote area. But we decided that it must have been her tummy growling.

Brrr. Little Lamb is getting cold.

Little Lamb's journey to the arctic to study penguins up close was going so well, but we encountered conditions that were unbearable. We could not continue under the existing circumstances - Kevin had forgotten the hot chocolate. We had to return home.

I asked Little Lamb if she was going to continue the adventure another time. She said that, since we had already gone so far on this trip, almost a mile, there was not much reason to do another arctic exploration.

Instead, she is planning (day dreaming) about exploring the wild parts of Africa. The WARM, wild parts of Africa. Besides, since lions are furry, they are probably more friendly than penguins.

Kevin, the forgetful.

P.S. I left the hot chocolate behind on purpose because I didn't want her to go too far on her first big adventure.

Some Excerpts From Various Emails


It's generally +5 degrees C to -5 degrees C. Little Lamb says lambs hibernate when it gets this cold, but I think she just likes the comforter set I bought.

Your Mom said you needed some work on your teeth. I told Little Lamb and she wants to help. She's very good with hooves, so she is probably pretty good with teeth too.

I hope you're surviving the end of semester and survive Little Lamb's helpful intentions.

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the email!! Hehehe I loved the picture of little lamb in action! And those are some pliers huh? A little too big - I might even need some anesthetic just to have that in my mouth! hahaha but i loved the fact that she's willing to help out! I will add the pic to the the "little lamb's" album i created. :)

Sorry to hear about you having a hard time lately. It isn't as if you're still in high school. You are accomplishing very difficult tasks. I wish I knew how to help when things get so hard. Little Lamb said she'll be praying for you (attached). And since you are having trouble getting enough sleep, she said she will also do some extra sleeping for you. (?)

Take care of yourself. You can't last an entire semester as if you are cramming for a single test or paper. So make some wise decisions on how to get what you need to finish your studies. Everyone else can wait until you have some slack in your life. Everyone understands and loves you. Little Lamb sends her love and hugs.


For months, Little Lamb had been asking for a pet dog. Lion had been against it because he didn't want someone else to watch after all day while I was a work. But Lamb wore him down and I got a big dog for her last weekend. She says she'll be able to handle it. And she says to tell you that it is not a sheepdog - it's a lambdog! I don't think she understands the normal relationship between sheepdogs and sheep. And I'm not quite sure she understands when she says "I can't wait until winter when we can go dogsledding."

Little Lamb Becomes Ill (?)

(Recycled Jan 2010 as emails to my sister with new descriptions.)
Little Lamb got sick after her winter adventure. She wanted me to be sure to tell you it is NOT the swine flu.
Little Lamb is getting better. She's getting plenty of rest. Lion takes care of her while I'm at work.

My sister responds: "Well, I hope you don't think that little lamb and lion just lay there quietly while you are at work? If I was you, I would hook up a web cam and see what they are really doing while you are only takes seconds to jump back in the bed and "pretend" you have been "sleeping all day." The two of them could be real hellians...who knows."
You were right,

After coming home for lunch, I pretended to go back to work, but caught Little Lamb guzzling my expensive wine. And here I thought she was sleeping because she was ill with a virus. Darn. I've been outsmarted by a stuffed animal.

And Some Final Pictures of Lion

 Watching Out the Window

 Listening to Music

 Talks to Jesus